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Paint or wallpaper? Don’t know which one choose?

Regularly when we fix up room we keep on asking the same old question – should I paint the walls or wallpaper them? I read plenty of articles about the issue. I spoke to colleagues who love wallpaper. But I also spoke to colleagues who are without a doubt huge fans of paint. My conclusion may be – there is no one right answer. Both solutions are suitable for a particular flats. To choose the option that works best for you and your wall, you should consider various issues.


Autor: Bernal Saborio

I am going to introduce them briefly in that article. To get started with, you should see (if you have not earlier done it) what is the state of your wall. If the wall is not smooth or cracked, the paint does not manage to camouflage these shortcomings. In consequence, the paint on the wall would look just wrong. Using thick wallpaper would be much simpler and more effective answer in this case. Second, you should keep in mind the future revision of the design. Changing the color of paint will be easier to implement. In the case of better paint, you wouldn’t even need to wipe the previous color – it is enough to paint wall with the new color. In consequence, if you are going to modify color of the walls often, painting would be more comfortable for you. You should also answer the question, what type of pattern you would like to see on your wall. If you like simple colors or repetitive patterns, then you can use either paint or wallpaper – . If you prefer to have on the wall a picture with a big, complex pattern, the wallpaper would be more appropriate. If you are eager backpacker, possibly you would love map mural.

map murals


If your son is a football follower, he would definitely like to receive stadium wallpaper. Nonetheless, the official living room would presumably look better with simple patterns. Another important issue is price of paint and wallpaper. However, in that case it is hard to generalize, as prices vary and significantly depend on the particular kind of wallpaper or paint. The simplest way to check that is to compare different products from a price range that you can afford. To sum up, the decision between paint and wallpaper hugely depends on the state of your walls, your preferences, the type of space as well as on the sum of money you plan to spend on this.

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