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An automatic drug dispenser – a drug device that will solve your regularity issues

Based on the experience of various patients worldwide, an electronic drug dispenser that commands the correct medication intake may have a direct effect on the person’s therapy effectiveness because of the regularity of assuming medications.


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Not to mention, there are as well the smaller medication expenses by reducing unwanted and useless treatment extension.
In order to ensure the efficient use of medications during the day (normally: morning, midday, evening and night) many patients and their relatives who assume drugs emploi traditional plastic drug dispensers. Nowadays, new electronic drug devices are available on the market. The automatic medicine dispenser has an electronic device (a timer with a pulsating or visual signal) which is connected to a packaging containing medicaments. Thanks to the electronic dispenser, the patient is always informed at the exact moment about the need of assuming medication, what importantly decreases forgetting about assuming the medicine, and thus increments the efficiency of the treatment.

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At the same time, when the patient, regardless of the warning, does not assume the medication, the drug device will constantly remind to take it as long as it will not be confirmed on the dispenser.

An electronic medicine dispenser will give a sense of security when looking after children or elder parents and will help decreasing the health hazards of using medicament at inappropriate times or against the specialist’s prescription!

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